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Can Magnesium Help You Cope with Stress?

Posted by Melissa Diane Smith on

Is there a supplement you could recommend to take the edge off and help me feel more relaxed and balanced?

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Improve Your Diet With These Foods That Are Good For Your Gut

Posted by Nick Harris-Fry on

Look after your gut bacteria and they will look after you.

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Is Dairy Bad For You?

Posted by Joel Snape on

Unless you’re intolerant, it’s probably worth including in your diet

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[Podcast] Balance your pH

Posted by Jim Applegate on

In this episode we visit with Scott James from HELTH about how to balance your pH. Scott explains what is needed to balance your pH and why you would want to balance your pH.

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7 Ways to Improve Your Brain Health

Posted by Lisa Turner on

What's causing your memory lapses and mental fog? Try these targeted approaches to the most common causes of cognitive issues.

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