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[Podcast] The Power of Baking Soda in Your Water

Posted by Jim Applegate on


Join us in this enlightening episode where we delve into a fascinating and underappreciated health tip: the benefits of adding baking soda to your water. Hosted by a family passionate about holistic health, this episode features insights from Lynn and Jessica, daughters of the renowned Dr. James, who share their personal experiences and professional expertise.

Discover how a simple addition to your daily routine can alleviate headaches, improve hydration, and even prevent urinary tract infections. Jessica, who worked alongside Dr. James for 15 years, provides invaluable knowledge on the science behind pH balance and the transformative impact of baking soda on your overall health.

Whether you’re dealing with chronic dehydration, kidney issues, or frequent headaches, this episode offers practical advice on incorporating baking soda into your water for optimal health. Learn the correct ratios, the importance of pH balance, and hear real-life testimonies of how this simple change can lead to significant health improvements.

Don't miss this episode full of actionable tips and heartwarming family anecdotes that underscore the importance of holistic health practices. Tune in now and take the first step towards a healthier you!



1 tsp Baking soda per gallon

1/4 tsp per quart

1/8 tsp (big pinch) for a 16oz water bottle

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