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[Podcast] Want to stop stress?

Posted by Jim Applegate on




[Podcast] Want to stop stress?

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In this episode we talked about:

  • Good and bad stress have the same effect on the body
  • Vitamins an minerals are depleted
  • Like a house with bad wiring
  • Breakers and fuses
  • Give your body nutrients
  • Build your nervous system
  • Story of a client that needed Nerquilizer and Chillin' 
  • Now only needs a little to maintain 
  • B & C Complex
  • Get your B vitamins from Grains
  • Vitamins are Micronutrients
  • Get your vitamins from your food
  • Green leafy vegetables are high in B vitamins
  • pre-natal vitamins have extra folic acid
  • Spinach is high in folic acid
  • Lithium is in vegetables
  • The Drug lithium and the mineral lithium are VERY different
  • Isolated remedies have dangerous consequences 
  • Water is is made up of a high explosive
  • Vitamins and Minerals in the soil
  • Plants convert minerals into a form that is easy to assimilate
  • We get nutrients from plants
  • Graze, try different foods
  • Buy and eat fresh fruits and vegetables
  • If you can't get it from your food take a good supplement
  • Tissue Mend
  • Vitamins sources can be questionable, check your sources
  • Food source vitamins
  • C Complex
  • B and C Complex
  • Vitamin Pack
  • What to take for stress
    • Mild
    • 3 Chillin' 6 Nerquilizer a day
    • Moderate
    • 6 Chillin' 6 Nerquilizer
  • Mineral lithium is in Chillin' not the drug
  • If not working add B and C Complex
  • Vitamin Pack is always helpful
  • Deal with your stress

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