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[Podcast] Herbal Healing for Impetigo

Posted by Jim Applegate on


In this insightful episode of 'Reality of Herbal Therapy', join the engaging Lynn as she offers a comprehensive understanding of a common skin condition we often overlook - Impetigo. Leveraging her family's vast knowledge in herbal therapy, Lynn sheds light on the starting symptoms of Impetigo, its highly contagious nature, and how it escalates if not addressed early enough.
Discover the importance of early detection and prevention in the management of Impetigo, listen in as Lynn talks about the tell-tale signs of the condition and the immediate preventive steps that can be taken. Dive into the benefits of individual practices like regular baths with a concoction of baking soda and vinegar, and the significant role of immunity improvements through herbal gems like Fection.
Step further into the holistic approach for treating Impetigo with a focus on microbiome-based therapy. Learn about probiotics, Lynn's favourites, and the value of supplementing them with essential nutrition and maintaining hygiene. This episode also explores the external treatment of Impetigo with a combination of honey and vinegar concentrate, a remedy with a long history in wound healing practices.
Explore the intriguing tale of a grandmother using household remedies to treat Poison Oak in a young boy. Dawn dish soap mixed with baking soda and vinegar managed to be an effective remedy, breaking up the oil from the poison oak that caused the rash. Follow the family's journey through the rash's healing process, their methods of preventing spread, and their usage of traditional remedies such as tea honey concentrate and coconut oil.
This episode concludes by enforcing the importance of early detection and prevention. Hear about the pro-active efforts of the young boy's aunt using comfrey gold salve and constant moisturizing to keep potential skin issues at bay. Indulge in this enlightening narration of combating skin conditions with viral home remedies, bringing light to common yet overlooked conditions.
Here are the articles we talked about during this episode: Herbal Formulas we talked about: Note: The information shared is purely for consideration and should not be used for self-diagnosis or prescription without consulting a heath care professional.

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