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Posted by Lynn Applegate on

Never run out of herbs again!

on-time herb club

Have you ever gone to your medicine cabinet to take your herbs and found that you were out of what you need, or really low? Then it takes a few days to a week to get more and by then you are suffering from symptoms or have totally forgotten what you were taking them for in the first place. What if your supplements could be delivered to your door monthly so that you never run out again?

By scheduling your herbs to be sent to you monthly you automatically save 5% on your subscribed herbs and subscriptions of more than $75 per shipment receive Free shipping. We will send you reminder emails before your order ships so you can add to, edit or cancel an order up to 2 business days prior to it shipping. The best part is, you will never run out again!


Frequently asked questions:

Q: How do I sign up?

A: It is as easy as going to the product you want to schedule choose size, select subscribe, pick how often you want it sent to you and add to cart, pay and you are done. (you can change quantity in your cart)             

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Q: How do payments work for my subscription?

A: Your card will automatically be charged each month when your order ships. No large upfront fees.


Q: Can I have multiple products come at the same time?

A: Yes. You can add as many products as you want to the same order by simply finding them and adding them in the same manner before check out.


Q: How do I cancel?

A: Log in to your account and click on subscriptions. On the table that opens click on CANCEL (to the right of the product to be shipped). You must cancel each product in the cart to cancel the whole thing.


Q: Can I cancel this months order but still have the next one delivered next month?

A: Yes. Simply go to SUBSCRIPTIONS and click on EDIT (to the right of the product to be shipped). This will let you change the delivery schedule.


Q: Can I change my next scheduled order?

A: Yes. You can add or delete items by going to your subscriptions page.


Q: Can I get FREE shipping on a subscription order?

A: Yes. If your order is over $75.00 per shipment.


Q: Can I change where I have my order shipped to?

A: Yes. Simply change your address on you the subscriptions page.


Q: Can I add product to an existing order?

A: Yes. You can add or delete items by going to your subscriptions page.


Q: Can I change my credit card?

A: Yes. Log in to your account and click the change card link.


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For further questions or for help scheduling a subscription

call us at 1-888-271-4972 ext#2

For existing subscribers click here (You need to be logged in)

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