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GLUTEN FREE Almond Pie Crust

Posted by Lynn Applegate on

Gluten free almond pie crust

Did you know:
Almonds are high in magnesium If you are craving chocolate you are usually low in magnesium and almonds will help with your craving.

I really don't like to make pie crusts but this one is lots of fun and really easy to make

Almond Pie Crust

2 cups Almonds
2 tablespoons Flax seed (ground) 2 tablespoons Wheat bran
2 tablespoons Milk
Makes two pie crusts

chop nuts like corn meal

Chop nuts in a food processor. Pulse the nuts into a fine meal (like corn meal).

add other ingredients

Add the ground flax, bran, and pulse to mix. Slowly add milk one tablespoon at a time until the dough comes together.

put in pan pat out

Pat dough all around the edges of pie pan about an 1/8 inch thick, then pat the remaining dough on the bottom.

This pie crust can be used raw or baked with any pie you make.

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