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Don’t Look Like The Walking Dead: Sleeping As A Mother

Posted by Natalie Bracco on

Trying to get some sleep as a mother can be an absolute challenge, am I right? The cliche of zombie like parents shuffling around in the mornings isn’t that far from the truth in a lot of places. It’s difficult as a mother to get sleep when your child is young, ill, or a combination of the above. We worry about them of course, so how can we sleep, when there’s a chance our children will need us? Thankfully, there are parents who have been and done all of this before you, so they’ve been able to put together a few tips and tricks for people who are trying to get some sleep. We’re going to be taking a look at those here and now.

Don’t Go It Alone

As a mother raising kids, you may find yourself doing it alone. If you don’t have a partner, it can seem like all the responsibilities and tasks are heaped onto you. Understandably, this doesn’t leave much room for sleeping or relaxing! Therefore, it’s best to try and enlist the help of someone else if you can. A trusted friend or family member can watch over the children for you while you catch up on your sleep. Don’t feel bad for asking them - they’ll understand that you’re just one woman doing the very best you can.

Bring Your Child Into Your Room

A slightly more unorthodox method of getting some sleep is to move your little one into the room with you when they’re particularly under the weather or upset about something. Cheap double beds mean that’s there’s space for both of you to sleep together. There’s two distinct benefits to this. Obviously, you’ll know that they’re okay and safe, which helps you relax. But aside from that, being so close to you will undoubtedly help your child to stay calm and content at night.

Make Sure Your Setup Is Right

Sometimes, getting sleep is down to making one simple change - the mattress. It’s not always your fault that you can’t sleep. When this happens, you need to make sure that you have the best possible sleeping conditions. This will involve checking all areas of your bed and mattress to make sure it’s providing you with the optimum levels of comfort. You’ll be a lot happier if you can sleep, so it’s critical you make sure the problem isn’t something you can correct easily. Temperature is important to sleep so keeping the house a bit colder than you do during the day can make a huge difference.

Overall, these are just a few sleeping tips for mothers who aren’t getting enough rest. It’s not easy to sleep with smaller children and we sympathise with your predicament entirely. Learning to sleep with kids is a challenge, but thankfully it can be done and you will find it gets easier. You won’t have to worry about sleeping with kids if you take the time to make your space somewhere that is friendly and inviting. If you also make sure that your bed is the best possible level of comfort, you’ll be able to enjoy a night of sleep with more consistency.

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