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Top 10 Pregnancy Tips From Home Birth Moms

Posted by Lynn Applegate on

Top 10 Pregnancy Tips (from all natural home birth moms)


Between my mom, my sisters, my daughter and I we have had over two dozen completely natural pregnancies and home births. Here are our “Top 10 Tips” for pregnancy and beyond.


This is what worked for us through the years and improved our pregnancies.

These are all just suggestions so check with your doctor before trying any of them.



#1 Rebounding

Rebounding is jumping, or even just standing, on a good quality mini trampoline. It tones your body on a cellular level and keeps you fit inside and out. I didn’t have one for my first few pregnancies but once I started using one It helped to bring tone back to my body inside and out and made the next pregnancies much better. As with any exercise check with your doctor. When rebounding never do more during pregnancy than you did before pregnancy and always listen to your body.


More info:






#2 A Good Diet

All foods are not created equal! With my first few pregnancies I thought I had a pretty good diet. I didn't realize that some of the seemingly good things I used regularly were bad for me and my growing baby and were complicating my pregnancy. Check out this article to learn about excitotoxins, why you shouldn't eat them and get a list of their nicknames on labels. They are poison and highly addictive! Do yourself and your future generations a favor and avoid them. Once I gave them up my cravings were minimal, my energy went up and mood swings went down.

It is also important to get plenty of Fruits, veggies and whole grains. They give your body important nutrients and fiber that are essential for you and your growing baby. The right balance of these will also help to keep your digestive tract in good working order. I usually tried to have 50% of my food be fruits and veggies.



#3 Wool Nursing Pads

Okay for any of you that have nursed, had cracked nipples, or mastitis you want to use these. When I first read about wool nursing pads I was very skeptical. I figured they  would itch like crazy. Not the case. They were amazing! With my first six kids I had cracked nipples and mastitis with every one; once I started using wool nursing pads I had none. By wearing them while pregnant (at least 2 weeks before delivery) the natural lanolin softens your breasts and nipples and the wool keeps all of your milk ducts warm and clear. They have been used for hundreds of years! They don't stick to you either! If this is your first pregnancy do yourself a favor and use these even though they are expensive. They will save you many tears!


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DrugFreeHelpStore logo

Just because you are pregnant doesn’t mean you won’t have allergies, anxiety, digestive issues or any other ailments. I found it difficult to find good quality aids for everyday ailments  that were safe for me and my baby during pregnancy and nursing. Dr James’ herbal line is amazing and only one of his products states “not to be used during pregnancy or nursing.” I Use his “Hay Asz” for allergies, His “Multivitamin” as part of my prenatal vitamins, his “Nerquilizer” & “Chillin” for stress management and sanity with those pregnancy emotions (couldn’t live without them), his "PM Minerals" for prenatal vitamins and leg cramps (stops them fast) and his “Nemia" is a whole-food iron supplement. I could go on and on for days about his products but to keep it short, check them out here.



#5 pH Water

Staying hydrated during pregnancy is an ongoing challenge. By drinking good quality water and pH balancing it, your body can actually absorb it more easily and utilize it. With my first few pregnancies I didn’t do this and I was constantly dehydrated even though I drank tons of water. Now I add 1 teaspoon of baking soda to every gallon of water I drink to balance the pH. Try it for a week and feel the difference.



#6 Coconut Oil

It helps to balance blood sugars, lube up the digestive track, support your liver and even helps with stretch marks when eaten and applied topically. With my first 6  pregnancies I didn’t use coconut oil and once I started I saw immediate benefits. It helped to regulate my blood sugar to the point that I no longer felt my hypoglycemic lows and all the undesirable effects of that condition. I cooked with it, ate it raw in treats I would make, and rubbed it all over me. I even carried a small bottle of it in my pocket so that if I was feeling an energy low I could drink a little ( I think it tastes nasty but the effects were worth the flavor) and bring my energy up long enough to get some healthy food. A much healthier choice than a candy bar! You need the raw, organic, unrefined coconut oil. Costco, Sam’s club and even some Wal Mart stores have pretty good brands of coconut oil but my personal favorite is from tropical traditions (link below).


More info:

  • What to look for in a good oil




#7 Colic

This one is for after the baby comes. Colic keeps you and your baby on edge because your baby is gaseous, bloated, cranky and not sleeping. Catnip and fennel ease the discomfort and support the development of your babies digestive track. They are herbs that you can buy and make a tea out of or you can buy catnip tincture and fennel tincture (in glycerin) and mix them together. My favorite is the tinctures because it  travels well and doesn't need refrigeration. I would give my babies a few drops regularly for the first few months and as needed from day 1. It is fast acting and tastes good. Keep a bottle in your diaper bag! it is also a great baby shower gift!



#8 Sleep

While you are pregnant sleep is very important. Your body is doing a lot of work growing that baby along with everything else you do every day. Getting enough sleep (8-12 hrs.) helps you to cope better and be more emotionally stable. Your body needs the down time! Even a nap or at least laying down and putting your feet up can go a long way to help with the circulation in your legs and your ever growing baby and body.

After the baby comes:

A happy rested baby makes a happy rested mommy. I feel so bad when I talk to moms that are still up with their kids when they are 5. Can you imagine having a few kids that have you trained that way and you are getting up with each of them 3-5 times a week. You would never catch up on sleep! It is actually healthier and easier for them to learn the skills of sleeping earlier rather than later. Mine are usually sleeping through the night, for the most part, by two months. The book “Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child” by Marc Weissbluth has some great tips, studies and charts to get you started. He even has a book for sleep training twins and triplets (I haven’t read this one). Even if you don't like the authors methods, the info, studies and charts are great!

 baby sleeping


More info:

  • BuyHealthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child”

  • Teach baby to sleep



#9 Miracle Balls 

I take these everywhere with me! They help to relax my tense muscles, make long car rides more bearable and actually help to tone your body. A must have, Chiropractor in your bag, item.


More info:



#10 Attitude

All of the suggestions we have given in this top 10 list can help to improve attitude and your overall wellbeing during pregnancy and afterwards. We  also suggest that you count your blessings every day and try to see the positive things in your day to day life. Every moment is precious! Even when life seems bleak, your body seems huge and awkward  or it seems like that baby will never come; or even after the baby arrives and the diapers and crying seem to never stop. Remember, child birth is a miracle and you are part of that miracle!

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