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Headache Hacks

Posted by Jim Applegate on

Headache Hacks


Headaches are one of the biggest nuisances in our lives. There are several causes of headaches and if you have headaches often get help! But if you have the occasional headache this accupressure point will become your best friend to help you get through the headache. One of the most common causes of headaches is dehydration. Cut back on anything that dehydrates you and increase your water intake.

Knowing what kind of headache you are having can help you choose which of our formulas that will help, here are a few types of headache and what to take to help relive the pain:
Sinus headache: These can be caused by allergies, cold, flu or even dehydration. The pain is usually behind your eyes and up to your forehead. HAY ASZ will definitely help, Hay Asz will nourish your sinuses and help you to have fewer headaches. Water is extremely important because allergies and colds use up a lot of the bodies water and you need to be replenishing it.
Stress Headache: A stress headache is the pain in the back of your neck that radiates upward to the crown of the head. First off try to find the stress that is causing the headache. Sometimes a stress headache is also called a tension headache because the stress causes tension in the neck and shoulder muscles. Nerquilizer is amazing to help you calm your nerves and help relive the stress and tension in the shoulders and neck.
Migraines: Have become more and more common in todays world. Migraines are a sort of an epileptic attack. Basically there is so much stress put on the brain that one part or another shuts down and triggers the pain. That is why many people need to sleep off a migraine. There are several causes but here are a few. If you have stress headaches often they can become migraines if not taken care of because of the strain on the brain. Another common trigger is certain foods, if you have migraines often look for similarities in what you ate or drank the 24 hours before the headache. Keeping a journal is really helpful. Some really common triggers we have seen are oranges, chocolate, energy drinks, some forms of coffee, and certain food chemicals and dyes. Just as with stress headaches Nerquilizer will help with the pain and severity of a migraine. If you get the flashing in the peripheral vision taking 8-10 Nerquilizer with help lessen the pain and discomfort of a migraine.
Another thing we do for headaches is to apply Analgesic oil to the area that is hurting. Because it is close to the eyes be careful not to get the oil in the eyes that can hurt. For a sinus headache we apply the oil to the forehead and temples. Fro a stress headache apply the oil to the neck and shoulders.

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