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How To Get Better Sleep On a Nightly Basis

Posted by Jim Applegate on

Higher quality sleep is not just in your dreams.

The plight of being a working mother is never being able to find the time to sleep. For this reason it is important to get better quality sleep on a nightly basis. This can make us a better parent, employee, and partner. You will see your productivity on a daily basis become higher which is perfect for the mother who never seems to have enough time. There are ways that you can help increase the likelihood for better quality sleep. The following are ways to help yourself sleep better every night.

Exercise During The Day

Those mothers who were a high school or college athlete know that a great workout can put you to sleep quickly. Tiring yourself out is not just for young children but it can work for you as well. Try doing an early morning workout to help make your morning more energetic as well as productive. By the end of the long day at work you will be able to go straight home as you already did your exercise for the day. Late night workouts can be useful as well but just avoid those caffeinated drinks that many love to consume before getting in an intense cardio session.

Avoid Caffeine At Night

As briefly mentioned above the caffeine you are consuming at night can be hindering your sleep. Those who are caffeine sensitive can have problems sleeping from an afternoon cup of coffee they needed to get them through the day at work. Instead of opting to go out for coffee at night you should consider sleepy time tea or relaxation herbal tea. These can even help counteract the copious amounts of caffeine that you might need to operate on for a given day.

Exterminate Any Bug Problems

Nothing can ruin a good night’s sleep like waking up to a bug crawling on you. This can torment you for weeks as it will cause you to think any slight touch can be a bug. Peace of mind is worth its weight in gold when it comes to getting better sleep. Hire an exterminator to take care of any bug problems that you might have. The bite that you keep getting might be from bedbugs but there are other insects mistaken for bedbugs that could be the culprit. Use an expert from the beginning as handling exterminating bugs should be left to the pros. You will probably end up saving money via failed attempts and the need to call the exterminator anyway.

No Phone or Computer Before Bed

Not being able to turn off a device before bed can do a variety of things. It can make your mind race about what an email from a boss meant late at night. Overall, there are no late night emails that should be opened passed a certain hour. Things can wait to the morning unless you are a doctor or lawyer. Another reason for turning these off before bed is that these devices have a certain light emitted in the blue spectrum that hinders sleep. This color light actually reduces hormones that induce sleep. For this reason certain devices have a button that helps eliminate this blue light completely.

Sleep should be cherished by the working mother as it is some of the only free time that she has. The fact is that many mothers are not proactive about increasing the quality of sleep in their lives although it can make a huge difference. Take the time to try a few of these tips to see which one works best for you!

Written by Natalie Bracco for Working Mother and legally licensed through the Matcha publisher network. Please direct all licensing questions to

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