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[Podcast] Healing the system vs. Treating the disease

Posted by Jim Applegate on

[Podcast] Healing the system vs. Treating the diseasePo


In this episode we are joined by Dr. Michael James and Scott James

We talked about:

  • The philosophy of herbology
  • Allopathic Herbalists
  • Natural therapists
  • Concentrated chemicals become poison to the body
  • Comfy Root
  • Herbalists have been using these plants for centuries
  • Little Herbal Encyclopedia
  • Back to eden
  • How pharmaceuticals are made - Concentrate the remedy
  • Allopathic Doctors are concerned with finding a name for the problem
  • You don't have to have a name to treat the problem
  • How does the problem effect you?
  • Which body system is effected?
  • Find the herbs to heal the body system
  • we treat body systems not diseases
  • Our body can heal itself
  • feed and nourish your body
  • Glutamate is an essential amino acid
  • MSG is highly concentrated and is poisonous
  • Use the herbs and plants
  • Systems
    • Muscular Skeletal
    • Cardiovascular
    • Lymphatic
    • Nervous
    • Endocrine
    • Integumentary
    • Respiratory
    • Digestive
    • Urinary
    • Reproductive 
  • Systems are tied together
  • Food products are isolated parts of the food
  • Is it really food or a food product?
  • Lack of wheat germ is a cause of infertility
  • Get good oils in your body
  • We are looking for health
  • Feed your body properly
  • Get your vitamins from food
  • We are what we consume
  • When you are not feeling well look at your diet
  • The Reality of Herbal Therapy ( it can also be purchased from here)

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