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Submit a recipe for our magazine

Do you have a great recipe from scratch? You could earn $50.00 in gift certificates! Submissions can include baked goods, sauces, main dishes, side dishes, etc. These MUST be recipes that you have already tested and know work, along with your own photo. If your recipe and photo are published in the magazine ‘When it’s Smokin’ it’s Cookin’ , you will receive $50.00 worth of gift certificates that you can use to purchase any of the hundreds products available from! These gift certificates have no expiration dates, so you can use them whenever you wish. If you follow the guidelines below, your recipe will have a better chance of being accepted.
  1. The sweeteners (if used) we currently approve of are these traditional sweeteners: organic whole sugar, honey, maple syrup.
  2. no pre-mixed boxes bags of cans.
  3. Acceptable oils (if used) are: coconut oil,olive oil, avocado oil and butter. For more info about choosing oils click here.
  4. For recipes using flour: please don't use self rising flours.
  5. No soy please (organic fermented soy sauce is OK).
  6. Minimum image size requirement is 500 pixels in width or height.
Note: Recipes are accepted at the sole discretion of ‘When it’s Smokin’ it’s Cookin'. Recipes may need to be edited before publishing. Accepted recipes are compensated with a $25.00 gift certificate for the recipe and another $25.00 gift certificate for a photo if one is submitted that we can use. Complete names of authors of recipes are not published (first name and city only.) If a complete name (first and last) is desired to be published in lieu of free product, the recipe listing on our website/magazine with full name without charge for advertising is considered compensation for the recipe. Submit photos that you have taken, and where you own the copyrights to the photo. Use of other photos owned by someone who has not given permission to have them published is prohibited, and subject to copyright laws. We are mainly looking for recipes with photos, as the photo shows the recipe actually works. Recipes without photos are seldom considered.