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Happy Green Smoothy

Posted by Jim Applegate on

Happy Green Smoothy
Happy Green Smoothy


3 Granny Smith apples, med, cut into quarters
2 Red apples, large (or 3 medium, or 4 small) cut into quarters
2 Celery stalks, cut ends off
1 C Broccoli, cut into small enough to fit in juicer
2 C Water
1 Cucumber, med, peal and cut into about 4 pieces
1 Avocado, large, cut in half, take pit out and peel it
2 handfuls Spinach
2 handful Kale, chopped
10 Mint leaves, fresh, chopped
1 T Pumpkin seeds, raw, unsalted


Juice It:

Send the first 4 ingredients through a juicer. pour the juice into blender

Blend It:

Add the rest of the ingredients into the blender. blend until to is well combined

Energy Facts:

Do you feel hungry half an hour after eating a snack? if so this green drink could be your new best friend. Green drinks have enough fiber in them to rejuvenate you. If you are on a diet having a green smoothie before your main meal of the day it will help you feel more satisfied with smaller portions.

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