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HAPPY O is an herbal formula that is used for male impotence - but not exclusively. It can also be used, in conjunction with BLOOD WASH, for skin conditions in young men. Most people who come into the clinic and bring a young man with a bad skin condition (you know, the kid who smiles and jokes, but you just know that deep down hed like to run away and cry because of his bad skin) all have a similar story. I just ache for them after hearing their horror stories of drug therapy, of creams and ointments, of the jeers and rejections of peers. I love helping with these problems, because without exception they respond fantastically.


For the first two weeks, the young men take a daily dose of six capsules of HAPPY O and three capsules of BLOOD WASH. Females are treated using TONIC F instead of HAPPY O. If there is not significant change to the skin within the two weeks, then a formula called FECTION is needed in order to combat a bacterial invasion.


It is very gratifying to see these young people come back with their much-improved facial conditions. More importantly, they now feel better about themselves and about being out among other people.


The main cause of these skin conditions is that the testosterone levels in the body are just not quite where they ought to be. While some of the ingredients of HAPPY O are described as sexual stimulants, it is important to remember that this does not mean that they are over-sexual stimulants. This formula used to be called Wolf, but it was very difficult to get the permission of a young mans mother to let her son take a formula with that particular name, although the young men enjoyed it immensely.


If someone is too stimulated, HAPPY O tends to calm them down; if they are under-stimulated, it tends to normalize the male hormones, so that proper functions occur. It does not complicate what is commonly referred to as glandular insanity (you know, the years between 12 and 20).


It is also used in the treatment of prostate disorders: along with BLADNEY, it helps nourish the masculine organs. HAPPY O can also be used as a sexual stimulant for females, although typically a female's lack of sex drive is more of an emotional problem than one rooted in the physiological. Perhaps if the male would court them a little more and be nicer to them, the libido would come back.


Infertility problems in couples wishing to conceive are not generally attributable to the male. In those cases where the male is less than fully potent, HAPPY O will help increase the minnows in the pond. The more minnows in the pond, the greater chance they have of reproducing. Impotence can be linked to a deficiency of the B complex vitamins, so maintaining a good source of these is important. I prefer my B&C 4 Stress, which is formulated with these specifically in mind. Six HAPPY O capsules a day are helpful in improving a males impotence problems.


Traditional use of the contents: Damiana and Yohimbe have been used to help balance hormones, with impotence, with the prostate gland and as a sex stimulant. Dandelion Root has been used as a tonic for the glandular system. Siberian Ginseng (Eleuthero root) has been helpful in balancing hormones, and for sexual vitality and longevity. Marshmallow Root has been used to soothe the membranes and organs in the urinary tract and reproductive system.

600 mg per cap

Contains: Damiana, Yohimbe, Dandelion Root, Siberian Ginseng, Marshmallow Root


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