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How To Stay Healthy While Traveling

Posted by Jim Applegate on

There's no escaping stories from friends, family, and complete strangers about their travel experiences – both the good and the bad. People are always happy to share their various health ailments they've encountered while traveling: food poisoning, jellyfish stings, insect bites, and twisted ankles as well as general exhaustion, dehydration, and muscle aches. If someone ends of regaling you with travel tales that include illness and injury, don't let them discourage you! It doesn't mean that only superheroes can take vacations or that you don't get to try the local cuisine. Follow these steps to help you stay healthy and still enjoy yourself while you're traveling.

1. Prepare yourself.

Do some research about the location before you visit, including a study of common illnesses found in the country. Read up on the availability of clean water and medical care and how much these things will cost you in the local currency. In addition, always make sure to sign up for travel insurance. While it can be expensive, it'll give you a peace of mind and will save you lots in case something happens during your travels.

2. Sleep, sleep, and sleep some more.

Traveling takes its toll on your body, especially after a long journey crossing multiple time zones. While it may be very tempting to sample the local nightlife on your first evening in the new location, it's healthier to rest up and sleep off some of the jet lag, which can cause your immune system to plummet if not dealt with responsibility. Resist temptation and you're bound to have a more energetic remainder of your trip.

3. Keep yourself healthy.

A change in climate as well as different foods and drinks can confuse your body, leaving you vulnerable to sickness and injury. Make sure you take plenty of minerals, vitamins, and nutrient supplements to help counteract any negative impacts of your new diet and surroundings. A probiotic supplement is useful for rebalancing your digestive system and nootropics are great for boosting energy. Iron and B-complex vitamins are especially important for locations with mostly vegetarian cuisines. Stay away from too much caffeine and sugar to keep yourself alert and energized as they may wreak havoc on your fragile body, making you sick.

4. Stretch those muscles.

You don't need to be a yoga addict to benefit from a good stretch in the morning and evening. Traveling plus sleeping in a different bed than you're used to can lead to aching muscles, cramps, and strains. Start your morning with a five minute stretching routine and make sure you cover all major muscles groups in your legs, arms, back, and neck. End the day with the same routine in order to get a good night's sleep.

5. Pace yourself.

You won't be able to enjoy your trip to the fullest if you're injured, so be sensible about what your body can cope with, especially during the first few days. Trying out a new sport or activity like surfing may seem fun, but make sure you get the proper training and guidance before you start. Don't assume that you know better! Also, remember that you can't do everything, no matter where you visit. Plan your itinerary such that you can minimize the amount of time on your feet wandering around the location. Don't ignore any warning signs from your body – it knows what's right for it!

Traveling should be a time for relaxation and new experiences, not injury and illness. Luckily, there are some easy ways you can stay healthy while traveling and still enjoy yourself, without compromising your adventurous side!

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