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[Podcast] Episode 1 Candida

Posted by James Applegate on

[Podcast] Candida


In this episode we talk about:

  • Balancing your yeast and acidophils
  • What a probiotic is
  • Where toxins and yeast are stored in the body
  • Food Combining

Herbal formulas that were discussed:

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  • Excellent! Thank you for the great insights. I knew everybody had Candida in their system, but I thought it was not necessary, or bad. I did not realize that it was useful and needed to be balanced with the acidophilus. So, please clarify; I’m not supposed to eat a hamburger(with bun), sandwich(with homemade sour dough bread), or steak and baked potato?
    For our next topic; I need to understand more about phytates. I have learned that all seeds(grains and legumes) contain phytates which remove minerals from the body. I have learned that when these items are soaked the phytates are reduced. I just need some guidance on proper ways to prepare foods like grains and beans for my family. Are phytates as bad of a problem as I’ve learned about(like from the book Cure Tooth Decay) and do I need to always soak all grains and beans and should we avoid such foods?
    Thank you for all you do we appreciate it a great deal.
    Shelley Zingerella

    Shelley Zingerella on

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