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Wisdom of Wellness book

Wisdom of Wellness book

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I know of 6 precious facets of health that are not being taught today. These precious health secrets have been kept from mans general learning.



    1. What I should eat to be healthy.


    1. Food is not the enemy food products are.


    1. Avoid, colors, preservatives and excitotoxins.


    1. Good fats and oils are essential.


    1. Exercise should be for the entire body and not single muscle groups.


    1. Our body's pH is of paramount importance.





"As a young man I was inspired by Bruno Grizelli. He and I would talk about how important it was to eat right, exercise, and take good care of our bodies. I knew him as a man that lived what he preached. I was taken aback when he died suddenly of a heart attack at a rather young age. I felt that he had died from an illness reserved only for those who have abused themselves.

I have spent 3 decades searching for why he died of a heart attack. I know if Bruno was aware of these 6 facets of health he would not have died of a heart attack".

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