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If there was ever a single formula that the whole world needed, it would be TONIC F. Whenever women visit the clinic, and I ask the question, Do you have any menstrual problems?, 90% of the time they say, Oh, no, Im normal. I have learned to ask, What exactly is normal? Some of them will describe bloating, breast tenderness, moodiness, being a little cranky. When I was a kid, they called these symptoms cramps. Today, it is called P.M.S., and women have bought into the idea that this is normal; well, its not. It absolutely is not.


Menstrual cycles should come and go and there should not be any noticeable signs except for the flow. TONIC F will change that flow: it will increase it where it needs to be increased, and it will decrease it when it needs to be decreased. In other words, TONIC F will normalize the flow.


It will help to relieve the cramps, the moodiness and the breast tenderness associated with this, so I tell people it takes three months. Its not like having a sore thumb, you can tell every day that a sore thumb is getting better. With your cycle, you cant tell if youre getting better or not until you begin to flow, so it takes two or three months to notice any changes. Then, about the fourth or fifth month, they might have a cycle that they describe is from hell.


The main reason for this is that many modern womens female function has become degraded, so much so that they are ovulating on only one side. The body heals that one side first, and normal female function returns to that side. Then the body decides to work on the other ovary. It might take several months to complete the process of toning up that side.


Once normal female function has been restored for two or three months, the formula may be discontinued. If the symptoms recur, TONIC F should be continued for a few more months. With TONIC F, it is important to take it daily, not just during menstruation.


My definition of normal? No pain, no discomfort, and the flow is proper; its not too heavy, its not too light. We are not causing a dependency. We are trying to see if the deficiencies that have existed in our diet have normalized themselves, and have changed enough so that normal female function can occur. This is what TONIC F accomplishes.


Traditional use of the contents: Cranesbill Root has been used for profuse menstruation and water weight gain. Tansy normalizes menstruation, and helpful for cramping. Red Raspberry Leaf is used as a tonic for most female problems. Pennyroyal is for nausea and cramping. Rue is used for both profuse and light menstruation. Uvi Ursi is for water retention.

620 mg per cap

Contains: Cranesbill Root, Tansy, Raspberry Leaf, Pennyroyal, Uvi Ursi, Rue.

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