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Lymphatic Glauber Salt Cleanse Kit

Lymphatic Glauber Salt Cleanse Kit

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Suggested Dosage Chart

The kit has enough capsules to do the cleanse 5 times.

This kit contains:

60 Capsules Glauber Salt 

120 Capsules Kolonic Kaps

60 Capsules Blood Wash

 Instructions for the Cleanse:

Download the instructions here

Before Beginning:

  • The purpose of this Cleanse is to flush toxic matter and body waste from the lymphatic system.
  • The Glauber Salt solution has two purposes; First, it will dehydrate the lymphatic, effectively “squeezing” impurities out from every part of the body and drawing them into the intestines to be eliminated through the bowels. This solution will act on the toxic lymph and body waste just like a magnet acts to attract nails and metal filings. Secondly, this body waste having been drawn into the intestines will pass out of the body in a series of copious elimination’s from the bowel, which may amount altogether to about one gallon or more. (Your body does not absorb high sodium solution, it will pass out through the bowels along with all the icky stuff it gathers.)
  • Freshly extracted citrus fruit juices will re-hydrate the lymphatic system. This will have an alkalizing reaction on our system.
  • This is a 1 day cleanse that you may do any day of the week. You may repeat up to 5 consecutive days in a row.
  • Take no medicines, vitamins, or pills that you can do without during the cleanse. Resume after.
  • Helpful Tips: ReBounding each day for as few as 3 minutes, is a phenomenal support to this Cleanse as well as your overall health


Gather the following:


  • 4 large or 6 med grapefruit (aprox 4 cups)
  • 2 large or 3 med lemons (aprox ½ cup)
  • 14 to 16 med oranges (enough oranges to complete a total mixture of two quarts)
  • 2 to 4 quarts distilled or reverse osmosis water (not municipal)
  • 12 capsules of Glauber Salts
  • Kolonic Kaps
  • Blood Wash (60 caps)



Follow this schedule:

  • Do not eat anything this morning or afternoon, you are doing a Cleanse and the juice should sustain you. If you feel hungry, drink as much water as you want, any time you want.
  • The time you begin in the morning is not critical, however drinking the citrus juice often IS.
  • Do NOT juice fruits “ahead of time,” do it in the morning after you have had your Glauber Salts so the juice is the freshest it can be!


Time: Notes:

First thing in the morning, Take 12 capsules of the Glauber Salts with 8 oz of water and drink it down!

Immediately afterward…Juice and mix your grapefruits and lemons. Juice oranges and add to grapefruit and lemon to bring you to 2 full quarts of juice. Add 2 quarts of distilled or reverse osmosis water. You will have 1 gallon of fresh juice that you will be drinking throughout the day.

8:30am Drink 8 oz. juice Repeat every half hour (30 minutes) until it is finished.
4:00pm Drink your last 8 oz of juice.You did it!


Now, enjoy a nice, light dinner from the Neutral &/or Concentrated Starch categories on our Harmonious Food Combining Chart!


Repeating this Cleanse over a few days can increase your results in amazing ways. If you choose to do so, just repeat this cleanse up to 5 times in a row. Then return to your regular healthy lifestyle. You may do this as frequently as you wish as long as you “rest” from the Cleanse for 2 or 3 days between each 5.


After the Cleanse: for the next 20 days, with each meal take 1 Blood Wash capsule and 2 Kolonic Kaps. This will help continue the elimination that was begun with the Lymphatic Cleanse.

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