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Lugols Iodine

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Potassium and Elemental Iodine


Iodine is easily lost from the body by the presence of any of the other halogens (halogens are group chemicals that have similar properties). Some of these chemicals, common in our diets today are fluorine (floride), chlorine (city water), and bromine (spas, swimming pools and white flour). If there is any form of these chemicals present it will negate the iodine in the body and render it useless.

Elemental Iodine is a metallic mineral and is nearly impossible for your body to absorb unless found in the tissues of plants or combined properly with other nutrients. This is why we combine elemental iodine with potassium iodine, thus making it easier for our bodies to assimilate and absorb. pH in the digestive tract is important for absorption. Orange juice and Tea Honey have this balance.

Iodine is important in the bodys ability to resist disease. It is necessary for the thyroid glands proper function. All the blood in the body passes through the thyroid every 17-20 minutes. The thyroid weakens or kills any harmful germs with iodine. So every 17-20 minutes the germs that pass through the thyroid are weakened if iodine is present. If iodine is not present the thyroid cannot kill off harmful germs.

Elemental Iodine has a distinctive trait: it hangs up on anything and everything. In fact, it attaches itself so quickly we consider everything it touches stained. This is just the property we want to make it safe for use. The amount you use is immediately hung up, or attached to your mucous and can not be quickly absorbed into the blood or other organs. It stays in the stomach. And for this reason it is so useful for killing vicious bacteria like Salmonella and Shigella. Salmonella and Shigella are two stomach and digestive tract bacterial parasites. They can give you terrible bloating and gas, which is often misdiagnosed as lactose intolerance. Although in killing them off, bloating and gas could be increased for a short period of time. Younger persons often have a fever when Salmonella attacks. Summer flu or 24-hour Flu is really Salmonella getting you. It comes into you with deli food, chicken, past-dated dairy food, not to mention picnic food that has stood around for a while. Hands carry these two bacteria, so its a good practice to wash hands before eating. People can have chronic Shigella and Salmonella infections. Every new strain they eat or drink forms hybrids with the old strain they already had in their stomachs. This results in much more vicious strains that actually make you feel sick. Shigella, especially, makes you feel angry, irritable, and short-tempered as a mule. Salmonella goes to your nervous system. All cases of multiple sclerosis I have seen had rampant Shigella.

When used with Tea Honey*, Iodine also helps in weight loss by increasing absorption of nutrients thus curbing cravings and pulling fats out of the tissues into the blood stream to be burned. In supporting the immune system it helps by increasing the feeling of well-being.

In trace minerals toxic levels can occur. The symptoms of getting close to these levels with Iodine are: unexplained rashes and/or runny nose.

To remedy this stop talking it for a day or until symptoms go away. Resume with half the dosage. It will soon be apparent what your dosage is.

A therapeutic dose is generally 15 drops a day in some people as high as 60 drops a day. When finding these levels please pay attention to your body.

Iodine is generally not found in the soils of inland states unless the farmer put it there. It is not contained in commercial fertilizers. If its not contained in the soil its certainly not in the food that grows in that soil even if it has the propensity to be high in Iodine. If youre a gardener and would like to raise the level of iodine add kelp or kelp meal to your soil.

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