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I often tell people that when the blood sugar level is low, your actions and emotions should lead you to be classified as legally, temporarily insane. Of course, after making such a preposterous statement, I chuckle. Let me explain.


In order to help those who suffer from hypoglycemia and other blood sugar related illnesses, we must understand that the bodies own mechanisms kick in when the blood sugar level drops. Its only goal is to elevate glucose levels in the blood stream. It doesnt care how. The body doesnt think, I should eat this because its better for me, it only wants to get the glucose level up right now.


Those who suffer from these blood sugar-related problems will recognize these familiar symptoms: the ache in the stomach; the quivery feelings; having the emotions so close to the surface, that panic happens very easily.


As we take into our quivering and shaking hand that candy bar or soda pop, and stuff it into our face or gulp it down, we utter a sigh, one that comes from deep within our body. Ahhh, I needed that The relief comes from the knowledge that in a very short period of time, our emotions will no longer be visible to the world, and the feeling of control will slowly engulf our body. For a short period of time, this feeling of being in control will envelop our body and put a smile on our face.


Certainly and suddenly, and sometimes without warning, these positive feelings will disappear. To predict when this will occur is impossible. When (not if) this happens, the abusive, ritualistic cycle will occur again, constantly. I have found from experience that making an intelligent decision is virtually impossible when the blood sugar level is low or nonexistent.


I carry in my pocket, and suggest to those with similar problems to do the same, an anti-insanity formula in capsule form. This herbal formula puts into the body (as quick as a candy bar or soda) needed nutrients that raise the glucose level naturally, so that we can make an intelligent decision on what kind of food we consume, as well as when we need to consume it. The better we choose our food at this time, the less we will be controlled by these drastic ups and downs.


To give control to hypoglycemics, I suggest that they take this herbal formula daily. Once they have made good and intelligent decisions long enough to have changed their diet, it no longer affects their lives. Hypoglycemia is basically non-existent in a culture that has a good diet. Let me give you something to consider. Food is never advertised on TV. One more time so you can hear this, and say this sentence out loud as you read it Food is never advertised on TV, or for that matter radio, and very seldom-printed material. Only food products are advertised. If were going to take back our lives, we must eat the best food we can get, not food products. Take back your life. Try LOW SUGAR; it has worked for many others and me.


Traditional use of the contents: Licorice Root has been used as a stimulant to the adrenal gland, and in maintaining blood sugars in hypoglycemia. Kelp has been shown to have beneficial effects upon the thyroid and parathyroid, and contains vitamins C, E and the B complex, along with magnesium and potassium. Siberian Ginseng (Eleuthero root) has been used to help keep blood sugar normal. Thyme and Chamomile have been used as stimulants to the thymus. Garlic has been used as a stimulant to the pituitary.

815 mg per cap

Contains: Licorice Root, Kelp, Siberian Ginseng, Thyme & Chamomile, Garlic.


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