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Klean Lax

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KLEAN LAX was designed as a very effective, yet gentle laxative. Some people take laxatives and become addicted to them; this herbal formula is different. KLEAN LAX is not addictive. Using this formula will relieve the immediate problem, but it will not (and cannot) solve the underlying cause of the problem.


It cannot change the poor digestive functions, or the abusive diet, or whatever else may be causing the constipation. So, as a temporary remedy to constipation, KLEAN LAX will make a difference. Remember, though, it is important to deal with the root problem, to find out what it is, and take something to correct it.


There are three components to good digestion: you must consume enough bulk, lubrication and mositure. Our national bird is the Bald Eagle, our national anthem is The Star-Spangled Banner and our national illness could very well be constipation. There is a lot of truth to the old saying, You are what you eat. If you eat crap, you feel like crap, and when you go to the bathroom, you smell like crap. If you want to get the crap out of your life, stop eating so much of it!


Quit believing everything you hear on TV! Consider this - food is never advertised on TV. One more time, so you get this, and say this sentence out loud as you read it: Food is never advertised on TV, or for that matter, on the radio, and very seldom in printed material. Only food products are advertised.


If were going to take back our lives, we must eat the best food that we can get, not food products, which are the laziest we can settle for. Lazy food makes a lazy colon. Take back your life!


Lets discuss the reality of diet. What happened to that old standby, the four basic food groups chart? Did we outgrow it? Was it wrong? Why do we have a food pyramid now? Perhaps mankind has evolved to the point that we no longer need the four food groups; maybe our diets have evolved to the point where the food pyramid better describes it. Preposterous!


The basic Four Food Groups chart was devised to benefit the Meat and Dairy Association. It was an advertising campaign, one that was executed so brilliantly, that those opposed to it were looked at as radicals and wackos. After all, if its taught in the public schools, its got to be right, right?


Now, look at the bottom of the food pyramid. Who is the author of this document? The U.S. Department of Agriculture. What do they know about diet? About the same as the Meat and Dairy Association. But the one thing that they both know, is that if you eat more of their product, they eat better.


The true elements of diet are these:



    1. Water. Simply put, we cant live without water. From the ground, or out of our food, we need water. It renders no calories per gram.


    1. Starch. It renders one calorie per gram. A starch is a complex sugar molecule found in grains, vegetables and beans. The difference between a starch and a refined carbohydrate is that the fiber has been removed from a starch to create a carbohydrate. Generally, fiber renders no calories per gram. A carbohydrate renders four calories per gram. For example: Brown rice = starch. White rice = carbohydrate. Carbohydrates do not exist naturally in nature, they are created by man.


    1. Protein. Proteins render four calories per gram. They are found in varying amounts in vegetables, fruits and grains, and in much larger amounts in beans, peas and meat.


    1. Fat (oil). Fat or oil renders nine calories per gram.



All foods are made up of these four elements, with some in greater amounts then others. When you eliminate refined carbohydrates from your diet, and you center your diet around starch, with a little bit of protein, and a little bit of oil, constipation wont be a part of your life.


Traditional use of the contents: Barberry Root has been used for its positive influence on the gallbladder and the liver, and has also been used as a laxative. Senna Leaf is helpful in biliousness, bilious headache, and is a laxative. Cloves combined properly with laxative-type herbs, reduce or prevent griping. Cascara Sagrada Bark is a laxative helpful with decreasing build-up on sides of colon.





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