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Bloodwash MF

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Have you ever tried to clean up a dish rag, or a greasy rag, with dirty water or dirty solvent? It just doesn’t get very clean, does it? Our bloodstream is the liquid that cleans our body, so we must keep our blood clean. It cleans toxins from, in addition to delivering nutrients to, the tissues in the body. If the bloodstream is full of garbage, it cannot do its job properly and effectively. BLOOD WASH helps the body clean the blood so that the blood can clean the body. 

When the body has extra toxins that can’t be removed through the normal cleansing processes (sweating, respiration, urination, elimination), they are expelled through the skin. If rash, irritation, skin eruption, or other similar things are present, the bloodstream needs to be cleaned. BLOOD WASH works wonderfully on the complexions of teenagers when used in conjunction with HAPPY O (for young men) or TONIC F (for young ladies).

 Also, when the bloodstream is clean, the lymphatic system benefits, because the only way the lymphatic can clean itself is to dump it’s contaminants into the bloodstream. 

Another benefit from the use of this formula is a marked decrease of memory loss, likely due to an increase of blood circulation to the brain. Many times, high blood pressure is the result of poor circulation. In cases like these, BLOOD WASH works particularly well, especially for those recently diagnosed.

Traditional use of the contents: Chickweed has been used for blood poisoning and skin diseases, also for reducing high cholesterol and high triglycerides. Plantain has been used for blood poisoning and helps in the filtration of the kidneys. Dandelion Root has been used to clean the liver, gallbladder, lymphatic and the skin. Burdock Root has been used to purify the blood and lymph glands. Yellow Dock Root has been used as an overall cleansing agent, and for increasing hemoglobin, as it is high in natural iron. Red Clover has been used to help clean the bowels as well as the blood. Cayenne has been used as a catalyst for the herbs with which it is combined.

570 mg per cap

Contains: Ginkgo Leaf, Burdock Rt., Chickweed, Plantain, Dandelion Rt., Yellow Dock Root, Red Clover, & Cayenne.


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