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[Podcast] Should you take Minerals?

Posted by Jim Applegate on

Should you take Minerals?
Minerals most people take them, here is some insight as to why you should:
  • Minerals can only be absorbed into the body from plant based foods
  • Organic foods have more mineral content
  • Hard pressed pills are hard to digest
  • Your body needs 11 minerals (all of which are in the PM Minerals)
  • Your bones store minerals for use later
  • You need to replace what your body used
  • Feed your body nutrients and your body will do its job
  • Minerals help you relax
  • Restless Leg Syndrome is a mineral deficiency
  • Salt and Minerals
  • Minerals are necessary for proper body function
  • High Protein diets deplete the body of minerals
  • Minerals feed the bones, muscles, the entire body
  • Master Cleanse

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