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Scrambled Ice Cream

Posted by James Applegate on

Scrambled Ice Cream
Submitted by: Aubre

A couple of years back, my family had just gotten a new Ice cream maker. We were excited to use the maker and decided that a new maker needed a new recipe. We selected a recipe that had eggs in it. We had made our own ice cream on multiple occasions so we figured we knew what we were doing. We didn’t think we needed to do anything different with the recipe so we went about making Ice cream the way we normally do. When it called for the eggs we didn’t see that it said to add them to a cold cup of milk so we poured them in with the hot milk that was on the stove. The  hot milk ended up cooking the egg unbeknownst to us. We figured it would mix in later and didn’t think much of it. It didn’t mix in. We finished making the ice cream and it ended up in the freezer. We pulled it out a few hours later and saw that there were clumps in it. Not thinking anything of it we tried the ice cream. It was sweet like Ice cream should be but the texture was nasty. There were chunks of what seemed to be scrambled eggs in it. It was disgusting.

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