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4 Must-Pack Supplements for Healthy Travel

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Nearly 50 million Americans hit the road at Thanksgiving, the busiest travel time of the year, and all those planes, trains, and automobiles can make visiting the folks a hectic experience. Disrupted schedules, lost sleep, and lots of sugary holiday treats all contribute to stress, lowering our resistance to colds and flu both during and after the trip. Plus, long periods of sitting can cause ankle swelling and dangerous clots in leg veins.

1. Ashwagandha

This go-to Ayurvedic remedy improves our ability to withstand stress, reduces anxiety, and bolsters resistance to seasonal bugs. Follow product directions, as extracts vary in strength.

2. Magnesium

Stiff muscles and poor circulation can be travel hazards. Magnesium relaxes muscles, reduces unhealthy blood clotting, and enhances sleep. Consider adding a powdered form to a water bottle and sipping while sitting.

3. Activated Charcoal

Not that we’re encouraging overindulgence, but activated charcoal, taken before or right after a meal, can reduce gas, bloating, and discomfort. If taken just before or with an alcoholic drink, it may reduce hangovers.

4. Pycnogenol

Studies show that during long journeys, this patented pine bark extract reduces ankle swelling and dangerous clotting in leg veins. The tested dose, taken with water, was 200 mg, 2–3 hours before an 8-hour flight, 200 mg 6 hours later, and 100 mg the next day.

Reliable Remedies for Colds, Flu, and Motion Sickness

  • Andrographis: To prevent and treat colds and flu.
  • Oscillococcinum: A homeopathic remedy, echinacea, and zinc lozenges. Take one or more as soon as you notice any possible sign of a cold or flu.
  • Ginger: For motion sickness.

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