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[Podcast] Why pain pills won’t fix your arthritis (or Fibromyalgia)

Posted by Jim Applegate on

[Podcast] Why pain pills won’t fix your arthritis (or Fibromyalgia)

In this episode we talk about:

  • Arthritis
  • Aches and pains
  • gout
  • fibromyalgia
  • inflammation
  • nutrient driven
  • Priority systems take necessary nutrients
  • our body should make chemicals
  • pain killers hide pain and risk damage
  • pain tells us something is wrong
  • fibromyalgia - arthritis in the muscles
  • Sand in the muscles- grit
  • crystals in the muscles
  • Nerve pain is a misfire caused by nutrient deficiency
  • Joints, cartilage, synovial fluid
  • joints need nutrients to be healthy
  • Arth Rite
    • Like an oil change for your joints
  • Bladney
    • Moves uric acid from joints
  • Gout is big crystals
  • pH change can help
  • Tissue Mend
    • Puts nutrients back
  • Sources of vitamins
  • B Complex
  • C Complex
  • We want it to be effective
  • Herbal MSM is suffer and makes cells permeable to nutrients
  • Dosage is not as critical as feeding the body the nutrients necessary
  • If the herbs aren't working take more
  • Analgesic oil for temporary pain relief
  • Goal is to get pain free as quickly as possible
  • start with 12 Arth Rite, 6 Bladney a day
  • then cut back as the pain subsides
  • level of activity will increase
  • within a month you will notice a difference
  • Treat and cleanse the joints, muscles, bones

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