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Silica DE

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Next to oxygen, silicon is the most prevalent element on earth. The mineral silicon makes up 28.9% of the earth's crust, with quartz being the most commonly occurring form. Within the human body, this naturally occurring mineral is found in the form of silica, a natural compound made of silicon and oxygen. All connective tissue cells in the body, the nails, the hair and the skin, contain silica. Silica plays an active role in giving tissues the ability to hold firmness, and strength, and in bone formation and demineralization. Silica molecules enhance the body's ability to increase the water absorption of essential proteins, acting as a binding agent. By binding existing calcium, protein and water molecules together, they help strengthen and revitalize skin, hair and nails.

Foods ordinarily rich in silica are often grown. Silica is an essential mineral that we are not getting in adequate amounts because of mineral-depleted soils, resulting in a lack of sufficient quantities of silica in the food. As we age, our supply of silica also becomes depleted, resulting in wrinkled, dry skin, dull, lackluster hair and brittle nails. To minimize these affects, it is important to take steps to replenish our stores of silica. Eating organic foods grown in mineral-rich soil, and adding a silica supplement can do this.

Arthritis symptoms are relieved when taking silica. Arthritic symptoms such as joint and neck pain can decrease through absorption of this mineral supplement. Other symptoms, such as decreased flexibility and swelling of the fingers and hands have been eliminated in many users of silica.

Indigestion symptoms are also relieved when you supply the body with a silica mineral.

It is essential for good connective tissue strength and maintaining a youthful bounce as we age. Silica supplementation has proven effective in helping the body in its internal defense of: joint and cartilage inflammation and deterioration; dry skin; brittle nails; thinning hair; dandruff; burns (including sunburn); vertigo; and tooth and gum loss. It also supports structural (bone), cardiovascular, gastrointestinal and immune systems.

Silica-containing lotion enhances the skins elasticity and moisture.

Benefits can be seen when the product is taken internally or applied externally. There are no known side effects or adverse reactions when taking silica with any prescription drugs or other supplements.

300 mg per cap

Contains: Silica (Diatomaceous), Shave Grass

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